The creation of BIOSIC owes much to Dr. Antonio Soverino's compared study of the italian and french organic farming.

The teachings of the fathers of the organic farming (Muller, Rush, Howard, Steiner) led the young researcher to find a better way to promote organic farming more efficiently.

Since the company`s inception, Managing Director Dr. Antonio Soverino and his team have gained valuable market experience and specialized information which is crucial to the success of our customers. Today BIOSIC provides uptodate technical and commercial assistance to our customers' purchasing departments in all matters regarding the organic products.

We work as an import-export company for certified organic and biodynamic farmers and manufacturing companies in Italy, and we also work as an independent buyers' assistant for our European customers.

Since 1999 Biosic SRL is certified by Ecocert Italia, a control body in organic agriculture, which trough its routine controls has been guaranteeing for many years the seriousness, the professionalism and the reliability of our work.

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