BioDynamic agriculture

Rudolf Steiner was born in Austria in 1861 and he is the real founder of the BioDynamic agriculture.

Although his scientific background, he took a degree in philosophy and then he started working on the drafting of the ď Berlin Literary JournalĒ where he wrote several articles based on the relation between philosophy and freedom.

He became secretary general of the theosophical German division but in 1913 he quitted that to found the antroposophic society in Munich.

Afterwards he constituted the universal antroposophic society In Dornach (Switzerland) and the Goetheanum, the free university of spiritual sciences.

Steiner thought that the science of his period was not concerned about life but only about the laws of the matter reducing strongly his possibilities to understand the world.

In Steinerís opinion, they were before an unanimated science.

At the end of his life Steiner managed to work out and spread the principles of an agriculture strictly in accordance with the data of the spiritual science, the biodynamic agriculture.

The biodynamic is not only the substance and the matter but itís mainly based on the forces animating it; plants for example cannot be separated from their own environment (the universe).

They are the most sensible centre of all cosmic forces, the water they contain is submitted to the moon influence and the soil transfers its supernatural powers.

The organic manuring aims at emphasizing the positive effects of those forces and in this perspective they use some compounds.

In Steinerís opinion all vegetables have a soul and they have an etheric life coming from the soil, considering that the above-mentioned forces have origin from the organic matter being decomposed and above all from the humus.

Basically all manurings must contain the compost, consequently each farm should have a cattle for dung.

Steiner objected to the use of any kind of chemical manure having a soluble and mineral base.

ďThose chemical manures will be clearly mixed to the water inside which all the main mineral elements of soil and plants are diluted. They would pile up and finally cause water pollution and get plants easily attacked by any animal and vegetable parasite.

Steiner introduced the idea of system and in accordance to the global idea of agriculture he described that as follows:

ďA farm can be considered as such when it is seen like an individuality working for its needs.

ďAll farms should pay attention to what they produce and to what they need to produce that. Thus, cattle is considered as integral part of the farm itself. After all, any external thing brought into by the farm itself like manures or similar products must be considered as a remedy for a sick firmĒ

In short, in Steinerís opinion the Biodynamic farm is the centre of an agricultural landscape having a long-lasting life and productivity able to ensure its own reproduction both in terms of fertility and of human lives.

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